Sep 01, 2021

5 reasons to use live streaming trend in

Live streaming is a broadcasting option that brings video of real-time happenings to viewers over the world. Live streaming helps brands to connect with their audience on a deeper and more emotional level despite the barrier of physical location. That is why this trend is becoming more and more popular. Especially for e-commerce brands.

Fact: more than 80% of audiences prefer to watch live videos rather than reading a blog.

Top 5 reasons to use live-streaming trend in e-commerce
1.  In-store experience via the internet
E-commerce live streams generated $60 billion in global sales in 2019-2020 and should grow this year, according to Coresight. You can show your products on different models and on all sides.
Viewers can ask questions and get quick responses during the live broadcast. The immediate exchange of feedback improves the collaboration between the audience and the brand.
2. Reach new audiences and get bigger engagement
People across the globe have started embracing live broadcasting and spend their valuable time watching live videos on a daily basis. Live stream sessions will help your viewers understand your brand better. This is a unique medium that allows this type of interaction.

  • Invite state-of-minds and experts to involve more views.
  • Give the viewers the ability to express themself via colorful comments and animated stickers.
  • Let the audience share their feedback about previous purchases. World-of-mouth and personal recommendations are the most powerful marketing tools in e-commerce.

Christine Mou, live streamer for Shopshops says that when Asian consumers watch a live stream on an eCommerce platform, they are simultaneously watching an influencer and peer whom they like and trust. Also, he commented that they can become extremely loyal and receptive to specific live streamers, especially those they have been following for some time and feel connected to.

3. Content monetization
A lot of streaming services are equipped with a variety of tools for video monetization. With Infinite you can:

  • Sell personalized comments and stickers for virtual currency.
  • Add built-in ads.
  • Create integrated partnerships.
  • Use a pay-per-view model or a monthly subscription basis.
4. Average bill growth
One of the most attractive features of live streaming is additional offers. Add special promo for viewers and get them up to 50% discounts. Also, you can present new products and services during streaming and use it as a pre-order option.
5. Truly engaging content
Live streaming content can be exciting to watch as they are not aware of what would happen in your live videos. Brands can take their viewers on a journey that is unique to them like attending an event, hosting Q&A sessions to engage, inform, and promote communication, and create streaming interviews.
In addition, you can attract your audience with a view behind the scenes. Behind-the-scenes live video is a great way for humanizing your business.
The world of live streaming in e-commerce is extremely dynamic. Infinite is a white-label product with a great user-oriented feature list. Connect us to organize and stream your content to make your marketing strategy more useful and cost-effective.
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